Webroot Internet Security Antivirus – The Perfect Tool For System Security

If you are looking for Internet security options to secure your computer at home or at the office, Webroot Internet Security is the way to go. When you use Webroot Internet Security Plus, you make sure that your online identity and digital footprints are protected, you can shop online in a safe and secure environment, and can login to your online banking account without running the risk of having your login credentials stolen.

Basic Features of Webroot Internet Security Complete

When you use Webroot Internet Security, you ensure that all your usernames, passwords, and credit and debit card numbers are well protected and encrypted with one single master password, which no one would have access to. With one copy of Webroot Internet Security, you would have the ability to secure a total of 5 PCs, laptops and handheld devices, including MACs, iOS and Android devices of all sorts. You can trust Webroot to completely secure your system, because Webroot secures billions of apps, files and web pages, which amount to 95% of the entire World Wide Web. This level of protection ensures that the internet is completely safe for you.

Benefits of Using Webroot Internet Security Antivirus

The following are the many benefits you enjoy when you use Webroot Internet Security Complete:

  • Protection Against Identity Theft – Now protect your account numbers, usernames, login details and various other personal information with Webroot.
  • Real Time Anti-Phishing for Secure Browsing – Now be safe and secure from fake sites that steal your login information.
  • Login and Password Protection – All your usernames, credit and debit card numbers, and passwords will be encrypted, safe and secure, exclusively with Webroot IS.
  • Quick System Scans – Now let your system be scanned at lightning speeds without any interruptions whatsoever, so that your system can deliver optimum performance.
  • Webcam Security – You get exclusive security when you use Webroot IS. If there are any spying threats to your webcam, Webroot Antivirus detects such threats and blocks them.

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