Install Webroot to My Second Computer

Webroot Antivirus performs the vital responsibility of securing individuals and business houses on a global scale, with advanced endpoint network protection and threat intelligence. In all actuality, Webroot is the very first PC security solution that has harnessed artificial intelligence and cloud storage to block and nullify threats in real time.

What Webroot Antivirus Does

As per expert suggestion, when you go for Webroot Install on New Computer, you choose the most powerful engine used for threat analysis present in today’s computer world. Webroot detects and blocks close to 6.5 million malware threats on a daily basis. As per statistics, Webroot discovers as many as 793000 files every day, which means it scans a similar number of files every day. Webroot also classifies and scores 600 million domains and 27 billion web pages, which is extremely impressive.

Apart from all the files, domains and web pages, Webroot analyses approximately 4.3 billion IP addresses every day, which usually includes malicious sites amounting to 22% of the total URL count. Along with this, Webroot also scores and analyzes 20 million mobile apps on a daily basis. So you see – when you Install Webroot on New Computer, you choose all round protection in every way, and from every angle.

Benefits of Using Webroot Antivirus Software

When you install webroot on another computer or a new computer, you get to enjoy a number of benefits:

  • Proactive and Intelligent Protection – Webroot has the ability to detect and block various threats, such as never-before-seen malware, viruses, etc. The software comes with multi-layered, next generation protection that meets the security needs of the system as well as itself.
  • Non-Intrusive and Lightning Fast – Webroot uses its FAST SCAN feature to scan your system for viruses and malware without slowing your system down in any way. Also, the need for downloading and installing bulky updates is nullified, as Webroot works on a cloud-based threat protection system.

Call the toll free number +1-888-538-7484 (US/Canada) to get technical support with installing and updating Webroot.

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